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All About Your Heart

Your heart works as a pump that pushes blood to the organs, tissues, and cells of your body. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell and removes the carbon dioxide and waste products made by those cells. The heart chambers, blood vessels and electrical pathways work together to ensure the heart pumps an adequate amount of oxygen Trouble in any part of any of the heart’s components can disrupt the entire system and lead to problems elsewhere.
recommended reading
These articles provide in-depth information and are written to help you make the best healthcare decisions for you and your loved ones.
Anatomy of the Heart and Cardiovascular System
How the Normal Heart Beats
Your Heart and Blood Vessels
Change in Heartbeat
Chest Pain
Dizziness: Lightheadedness and Vertigo
Weakness and Fatigue
tests & procedures

You doctor may recommend one or more of the following tests to evaluate your condition.

Ambulatory Electrocardiography
(Holter Monitoring)
Arterial Blood Gases
Cardiac Catheterization
Cardiac Blood Pool Scan
Cardiac Enzyme Studies
Cardiac Perfusion Scan
Cardiac Stress Test (Exercise Electrocardiography)
C-Reactive Protein (CRP)
Chest X-Ray
Cholesterol & Triglycerides Tests
Electrocardiography (EKG, ECG)
Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Pulse Measurement

For other tests and diagnostic procedures use the section of this site called Medical Tests A to Z .

medication center
medication assistance

This section provides you with an alphabetical listing of more than 1,000 medications, including prescription drugs and those you can purchase over-the-counter. Just "click on" your medications to learn what they are used for, how to take them, special precautions, and some of the possible side effects. You can choose your medication by brand name or generic name.

Medications A-Z

If you are having difficulty paying for your medications you may qualify for financial assistance or free medications. Visit the Medication Assistance Center to learn about available medication and insurance programs.

Don't let financial problems stop you from getting the treatment you need; there are resources and organizations that may be able to help you.

additional resources

This listing provides you with Internet sites that are sponsored by government agencies or are well-known and credible national organizations.

American Heart Association
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
The Heart: An Online Exploration—Franklin Institute Science Museum

Surfing the Internet
When looking at Internet sites, remember that the information can be sponsored by anyone. Take into account the sponsoring group or individual when gathering information or help. Be especially careful about giving out personal or financial information.

Learn more about surfing the web:

Last modified on: 30 June 2015